Case Studies

Web component that allows users to manage their credentials for all their website accounts.
SaaS used by companies to create orders for customers from the windows and doors industry.
An IFC viewer and editor with rendering features, that can use different lights, cameras, and materials.
A content development application used for creating reusable training materials and e-learning courses.
Web app that helps manage the attributes of real estate properties and manage all aspects of their trading.
Solution comprised of a mobile, server and web app, that helps telecommunication providers monitor key performance indicators in their networks.
This is a solution that provides a centralized license management solution for multiple software products.
An app that runs on multiple types of mobile devices and enables remote control for automated house systems.
This is the macOS version of a gaming controller's control panel that allows configuration of multiple parameters.
A custom PS4 gamepad's control panel, that can be used to configure multiple parameters, such as vibration, dead zone, button mappings and others.
This is a web app that is designed to provide financial education to children and support them in the fight against depression, abuse, and bullying.
Mobile app that uses face recognition to authenticate the user of a smartphone and allow or deny access to specific applications.
This is an online shopping platform for buying car parts, with an advanced filtering system that allows customers to find the right parts for their cars.
Online lodging marketplace for remote teams looking to meet up and work together in idyllic locations around the world.
Web app that allows users to share their "must do" life achievements and unlock various social interactions.
Web app that enables its users to promote their products on the internet, through the creation and promotion of campaigns.
An app suite that covers the entire process of gathering, modeling, and interpreting survey information.
POS & kiosk-based application that enables the management of multiple bowling centers and covers the entire booking process.
This is a web application that facilitates the communication between a client that needs to finalize a trade order, an executing broker and a clearing broker.
App that parses large amounts of non-standard information (articles) and structures the data following a given model.
This is an application for the medical industry that allows users to access patient files, generate dossiers, associate files to a patient, and others.
Application for the medical industry that allows users to access patient files, generate dossiers, associate files to a patient, and others.
Complete document management solution that allows the user to scan and index documents, with integrated barcode processing.
Mobile app that allows customers to purchase groceries from their mobile devices, without having to go to the physical store.
This is a complete time tracking application that enables complex management of customers, projects, activities and worktimes.
Solution that allows real time monitoring of maritime vessels and fleets, including vessel speed, direction, route or fuel consumption.
An app suite used for the control of smart home appliances, which allows multiple profiles and can help family members keep track of each other.
This is a suite for the control of smart home appliances, which allows multiple profiles and can help family members keep track of each other.
Web app that allows administrators to manage all aspects of multiple oil drilling operations and related activities.
Web app that enables companies to add employees, track their status, manage company documents, create and track employee tasks and others.
This is an app suite comprised of a customer app, a driver app and a web administration module that provides full support for taxi companies.
Social marketing platform that gathers relevant online information about a certain brand, from online sources such as: websites, social networks, blogs etc.
SaaS purchase system for nursing homes, which allows users to manage orders, quotes, products and others.
Screen sharing browser plugin that can capture the screen of the presenter and make it available for viewers in real time.
This is an app that provides access to risk matrix workspaces hosted on a third-party sites.
This is an app that allows users to register, adopt or browse protocols on the ISO website.
Mobile app that allows brewery companies to increase the fidelity of their customers by offering perks in selected pubs.
Social app developed for a dairy company, which displays event information, locations and food recipes.
This is a mobile app that allows tennis players to meet up, schedule matches and organize tournaments, with a strong social component.
Video creation tool that allows users to create a birthday present in the form of an animated story, featuring a funny stork.
Software used to stream videos from a wide variety of sources, to a multitude of devices, via a third-party server.
Website for decorative lighting and plumbing products, which helps users locate showroom dealers, request catalogues and more.
Desktop app used to analyze X-Ray images, add various filters, perform measurements and add annotations.
This is an app designed to measure the ”composition” of a building and create an acoustic map for it.
WordPress-based, custom presentation website and blog with bilingual support for Chinese and English.
App that allows creating and tracking reservations, as well as viewing reservation history, with integrated accounting and invoicing capabilities.
Online meeting solution that enables users to schedule, start or join meetings, edit calendars and more.
Browser-based interactive Strategy-RPG game, in which players develop their characters and complete various missions and mini-games.
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