New alternatives for mainstream server-side programming

According to, in August 2018 the usage of server-side programming languages for websites was dominated by PHP with 83.5%, followed by ASP.NET with 13.1% and Java with 2.2%. The same statistics show that PHP kept growing for the past 3 years, while ASP.NET and Java had a downsizing trend. However,

Nginx – top contender in the web server game

There are three important competitors on the web servers market: Apache, IIS and Nginx. The former two have a large, established user base thanks to the quality of their services and customer support. On the other hand, the latter provides a different approach for managing tasks and resources. From a

Top 5 Best Visual Studio Extensions

There’s no secret that Visual Studio is the go-to IDE for C# developers — both Visual Studio and C# are Microsoft products and both proved themselves over the years. One of the strengths of Visual Studio is represented by the powerful customization options (both design and functionality). There are literally

Tips on how to choose the right outsourcing partner

More and more companies choose to outsource their software development operations to service providers in order to reduce costs and shorten production times. Like any other outsourced business process, software outsourcing has its benefits and shortcomings. However, drawbacks can easily be avoided by carefully choosing the partner that will take

4 ways to build a killer mobile app

There still is a lot of growth potential in the mobile industry. There are untapped areas that will be discovered in the near future. You can do it as well, therefore this is the right time to choose a mobile development career. You can approach mobile app development in multiple

Hadoop: the future is now – and it’s all about Big Data

Big Data is a term that that became popular during the 1990s, back when data sets became too large to be processed using conventional software tools. Nowadays, Big Data is resembling the Universe, as its size keeps expanding and it will continue to do so. One framework designed to handle

Linux goes down in history

Imagine for a moment that: there is no such thing as the Windows operating system; Mac OS X… no one heard of it; we don’t have any Linux distributions to play around with – while Android and iOS are nowhere to be seen. Now let’s travel to the famous Bell Laboratories:

AngularJS – turning over a new leaf in web development

Some developers call it the “superheroic JavaScript framework”, some the next jQuery, while others see it as the most popular front-end framework currently available. On the other hand, we like to look at AngularJS as “what the web browser would have been, had it been designed for applications“. AngularJS is

Simple way to integrate PayPal into your C# web app

The purpose of this post is to provide a crash course in PayPal integration. Simply put, if your web application is close to being released to the public and you’re looking for a fast-and-safe way to provide your customers with an option for purchasing your services, then this blog post

The importance of being earnest (when it comes to web security)

We live in an Internet era and no one wants to have a website that is vulnerable to web attacks – as this means losing money, time and credibility. Web security wasn’t regarded as a “big problem” before the year 2000, however social networking websites and an increase in the

Swift: reinventing the wheel

Apple has been using Objective-C as their main programming language for many years, but the company from Cupertino decided that it’s high time they underwent some “swift” changes in the way iOS and OS X developers are building apps for Apple’s operating systems. As a result, at the 2014 Worldwide

Cross platform mobile development: Apps for every phone

The world is mobile. No surprise there. Ever since Nokia introduced Snake on the 3310 model, people have been glued to their mobiles. While the rise of smart device usage is clearly visible around us, statistics show the bigger picture in better colors. For everyday users, smart devices are mobile solutions

Security in software outsourcing

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about outsourcing a software project is related to data security, and this is exactly what we’re going to cover today. Outsourcing started to rise in the mid ’80s due to companies’ needs to get rid of non-essential processes (in

How Windows came to be? – a Windows OS history

The term “Micro-soft” was first used by Bill Gates in a letter to Paul Allen in 1975, and a year later the trademark “Microsoft” was registered. Microsoft’s destiny was determined when they landed the world’s most famous business deal with IBM – to provide them with an operational system. This ties

Leave your design to Bootstrap

When the World Wide Web was invented, developers had in mind to create something functional (and that’s about it). You can see an example here: In just a few years, this has shifted towards creating a website that is not only functional, but also “eye candy”. Imagine that you are

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