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The project, developed in conjunction with the International Standards Organisation (ISO), represents a register of Smart Card protocols – companies or individuals are able to register their protocols on the site, and others who wish to adopt those protocols are able to register their adoption of those protocols. The public can browse the protocols registrations and the adoptions once the registrations/adoptions are deemed to be ”complete” and the due subscriptions paid.

The Smart Card application, developed by SBP, represents a standalone website that can be accessed by users of the SAI Infostore solution, in order to review payment, protocol registration / adoption statuses, and other useful details.

THE SMARTCARD APPLICATION serves as a central point between several key components of the SAI Infostore solution, such as synchronizing data with the Protocol Authority, query payment statuses from the Payment Gateway, synchronize data with the SAI Infostore main solution.




ASP.NET Web Services


SQL Server



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The main purpose of the project is to create a website that allows the creation, distribution and management of smartcard protocols. A smartcard protocol is a technical specification for communicating with a smartcard chip (ex. a public telephone card) – it consists of text and documents regarding the voltages & signal sequences that must be applied in order to operate the smart card. Using the SmartCard application, companies can register new smartcard protocols and also subscribe to existing smartcard protocols.

An equally important objective is to allow easy management for the application’s back-end, and administrators can manage customers companies, fees, renewals, approve other users actions etc.

The main purpose of the project is to create a website that allows:

  • publishing of protocols
  • searching protocols
  • managing customers, fees, renewals etc.
“In conjunction with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) we are creating a register of Smart Card protocols – companies or individuals will be able to register their protocols on the site”

Nathan Harper, SAI Global CTO



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