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Our confidential customer develops software solutions which serves architects, designers and building professionals for over 30 years.
They offer with their products a simple and ergonomic way to move from idea to reality, while also respecting everyone’s creative spirit.

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The customer wanted initially to split a large application into a 3D modelling library (for the purpose of easily integrating it in other applications) and a standalone application. After we’ve successfully separated the 3D modelling code and integrated it into a library.
Secondly, the customer wanted to hire a team of developers that could help them in migrating their products from an old to a new SDK for 3D modelling. They needed programmers that are skilled with C++, math and 3D geometry, and SBP was chosen for this task.


The application is a IFC viewer and editor with advanced rendering features. It can use different lights, cameras, materials etc. The user can alter the view angle of the object, the lights from the scene and the materials that are applied to the object.
The workspace supports up to 4 layers at the same time, while objects can be separated in different scenes. The library exports the viewer / modelling interface for further uses, by integrating it in other application, without requiring others updates in order to use all its functions.


We’ve been involved in various areas of the solution, from the User Interface to the 3D rendering engine and various math computation libraries. The project was designed as a dynamically linked library using C++, OpenGL and Qt, and it provided a sample application, which allowed access to library features in order to demo it’s capabilities.
We worked on the rendering module that can be integrated into 3rd party CAD software. The module offers real-time photo-realistic rendering for large / complex input files with high resolution textures and large numbers of vertexes in a single object.





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