The benefits of working with an ISO 9001 certified company

ISO 9001 is a quality management system certification, defined by the International Organization for Standardization, that helps companies meet the requirements of their customers, win new business and achieve a higher performance level.

Having achieved the ISO 9001 certificate, Software Business Partners has increased the performance of its software outsourcing services and has developed new relationships with customers from Northern and Western Europe, US, Australia and Israel, succeeding to provide desktop, web and mobile application development, and also consultancy services in the field of custom software development.

To summarize the advantages of collaborating with an ISO 9001 certified outsourcing company:

An ISO 9001 certified company provides superior performance:

Through well defined and documented procedures the outsourcing company succeeds to control development processes, to reduce risks, thus improving the operating and financial performance. By constantly measuring the quality and testing the software product, defects (such as bugs) are caught at an early stage and are corrected at lower costs for the customer.

The PDCA approach (plan->do->check->act) also ensures a greater management control of the software implementation flow, and has a higher efficiency in reducing rework and maintenance effort.

An ISO 9001 certified company provides time reduction:

The procedures implemented by the outsourcing company at staff level ensure that when an error occurs, prompt actions will be taken and the employees will follow a set of  necessary steps for correcting the issues in due time – thus saving time and ensuring the optimal use of available resources.

Also, by constantly ensuring the well functioning of the company procedures, obsolete and inefficient practices are removed and new ones are defined, for providing prompt and quality services.

An ISO 9001 certified company provides improved communication:

An important aspect of software outsourcing is ensuring a good communication between the outsourcing provider and the customer (especially when the 2 parties are in different locations / countries), and also an efficient interdepartmental communication within the outsourcing company.

In order to achieve this, a set of well documented practices are made available to all employees, allowing to reinforce these procedures and ensure a maximized efficiency.

An ISO 9001 certified company provides improved product reliability:

By testing the software product at regular intervals (through iterations), flaws are recorded at early stages, so they can be isolated and corrected, without affecting important parts of the application. So the software increments become more stable resulting in a more reliable product.

Also, by decreasing defect rates, the company assures a better implementation control and flow of the software product.

In the end, this standardized process ensures that an ISO 9001 certified IT company can provide a wide variety of certified services by relying on a unified quality assurance framework. This allows the outsourcing company to deliver prompt software consultancy services, custom implementation of software solutions, as well as quality maintenance and support services.

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