Mid / Senior Developer (.NET / C++ / Java)

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The Ideal Candidate

  • College graduate / college student, in Computer Science or a related field
  • Should be willing to learn new things
  • Good communication skills, the capacity to work within a team
  • Individual responsibility and a strong desire for personal achievements
  • Should have the desire to evolve towards a very good professional & technical level

Mandatory Requirements

  • Strong knowledge concerning algorithms, data structures, OOP
  • Good C++ skills (at least intermediate level)
  • Good English skills (at least intermediate level)

Job Description

  • Developing software, using several platforms & languages (mostly .NET / C++ / Java), for a variety of projects (enterprise software, multimedia, web / mobile, networking etc.)
  • Verticals: online business services (SaaS), elearning, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing etc.
  • Platforms: we develop software for a wide range of platforms (including mobile, desktop, web). We also develop cross-platform applications (which are compatible with several platforms & operating systems: Windows / Mac OS X / Linux / Android / iOS)
  • Types of projects that we develop in our company: enterprise software (document management, ERP, CRM etc.), multimedia applications (video / sound / image processing) etc.

Typical technologies that we use

  • .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET)
  • C++
  • Java
  • Html5, CSS3
  • Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js
  • Swift, Objective-C

Types of projects that we develop / developed in our company

  • an online streaming and conferencing, involving a hybrid mix of technologies: low-level system drivers for screen and audio capture (including echo cancellation techniques), RTMP integration with Flash Media Server, integration with FreeSwitch for more scalable audio conferencing, support for mobile platforms etc.
  • an e-learning content creation suite for creating video tutorials and presentations (the application involved various technologies, such as: low-level C/C++ libraries for hooking into Windows APIs for key-capture / managing windows etc., Flash ActionScript3 for rendering tutorials as interactive Flash materials, OCR / edge detection / pattern recognition, Microsoft Office Interop, a lightweight controls library with double-buffering support etc.)
  • an online multiplayer RPG game, powered by Bing Maps
  • NoSQL-type databases and intelligent data aggregation and compression techniques, for creating / processing / reporting on millions of data entries daily
  • a mobile application for Android and iOS (coupled with an administrative mobile website) for increasing fidelity among customers of pubs, used to receive discounts and prizes in exchange for beers purchased and pictures posted on Facebook

The Benefits of Working at SBP

  • We offer flexible working hours & part-time options, so that you can balance your work schedule with your college schedule & personal time
  • We offer competitive salaries, periodical raises, performance bonuses & gratifications
  • You will enjoy the opportunity to be part of a pleasant and friendly team, who shares the same values. You will learn on a daily basis and you will be able to develop your career in a professional environment, among colleagues that are ready to assist you and to help you grow
  • The possibility of working (in alternation) on a variety of projects & technologies. Each of our colleagues belongs to several project-teams
  • Permanent feedback, performance evaluations on a monthly basis
  • Close communication within the team. The possibility of bringing suggestions & raising issues directly to the management
  • Technical training on a wide variety of technologies, to cover the different types of projects & platforms that we use in our projects

Other Benefits

  • Private healthcare (Medlife)
  • Gym membership discount (World Class Fitness / 7card)
  • Open space terrace
  • Nap rooms
  • Relaxation room (equipped with PS4, large screen TV, laptop, books etc.)
  • Fresh fruits in the office. Regular dinners with the team. Teambuilding

About Our Recruiting Process

  • For this position we have a 2-step recruitment process:
    1. Technical interview: logic & programming test on paper, then a PC-based programming test (OOP + developing a small program) (total duration 5.5h, can be split between different days, depending on your preference)
    2. Holding an in-person interview with the management

Our Company

  • We are a team of passionate people, innovative and unique individuals who enjoy collaborating to develop modern & reliable software products and platforms for our customers
  • Over the past 17 years, many organizations and companies have contracted SBP to develop complex software solutions, redesign and improve existing platforms & systems, design and implement web concepts & web solutions, develop and maintain mobile applications
  • We explore every prospective project with professionalism and enthusiasm. That’s who we have been. That’s who we are today.
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