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CalWin is a Norway-based company that provides software solutions for ordering customized windows and doors. The firm sells its products worldwide to multinational corporations, storage facilities and factories, as well as to individual entities.

Their solution is among the most complete IT solutions for the window and door industry, and can be used in smaller, individual entities, as well as multinational corporations that have big factories and storage facilities.



A Norwegian company (CalWin AS) approached us in order to develop a new web application, to complement their existing software suite.

The new web application, soon to be developed, was a specialized app that would provide doors and windows dealers with a series of specific capabilities: create, manage, and monitor product quotes and orders, as well as customize products based on their needs.

The CalWin suite represents an ERP solution geared towards doors and windows manufacturers, covering all aspects of their business (calculation, quotation, order handling, capacity planning, production, purchasing, delivering and invoicing). The suite includes a main application (a desktop app called “CalWin”), a server application (CalWin Server) and a series of satellite apps.



Web application that allows companies to create orders for their customers and store them in a database. The application is managed by an Admin user who offers different permissions and restrictions to users and companies that use the application.

The application includes a configurator for products, such as: windows and doors and allows user to customize the products. The application allows companies that produce the products to create / edit orders and to track their status.


We established a long-term collaboration with CalWin (between 2010 and 2016), for as long as this software component was necessary (and used in production). The product went through several life stages, and was re-developed from time to time in order to make use of the latest technologies:
Version 1. Silverlight-based solution: the initial preference of CalWin was to develop the product using Silverlight (which was a popular technology back then, with an adoption rate of roughly 50-60%).

Version 2. We upgraded the user experience (major changes at user interface design & interaction design level), keeping the same background technologies.

Version 3. Redeveloping the solution using HTML5, AngularJS & Bootstrap.

Parallel services: In parallel with the development of the 3 versions detailed above, we also provided CalWin with continuous long-term maintenance, software monitoring & customer support services.

After 6 years of collaboration, I would summarize the cooperation with SBP as very successful. SBP have been a very good partner for us. They have been very precise, professional and structured in all communication and work that was done.

We plan to continue working with SBP in the future, and we are even looking to identify more parts of our application development process, that are suitable for outsourcing to SBP. I will not hesitate to recommend SBP’s development resources to any company looking for a committed, reliable and knowledgeable partner in software development.

Sindre Barstad, Development Manager







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