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Our former customer was focused on providing training programs and developing and editing eLearning content for ERP systems. They also offered options for editing and creating Oracle UPK content using a range of training productivity tools.

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A large part of our customer’s business scope involved using Oracle UPK to create new training materials and edit older ones, keeping them up to date.

A major hurdle in their process was that the UPK was quite difficult to use, meaning that any content modifications would require a lot of effort.

Furthermore, switching to a more user-friendly tool (such as Camtasia or Captivate) was out of the question, because a vast number of corporate entities already use materials built with Oracle UPK. The effort to transition all of them to another platform would have been too significant.

Consequently, the customer had a need for an intuitive and easy to use tool, focused on creating interactive training materials for the corporate world while also supporting the Oracle UPK format, allowing users to import, edit and export existing UPK Materials.


We developed an application for our customer, which allows the creation of interactive training materials in its own format. The application enables both the creation of materials from scratch and the import of existing materials in UPK format.

Creating training materials can be done manually (slide by slide) or automatically by using its recording feature, which records both the screen and the actions performed by the user (for example, “click on button X in application Y”).

The training materials can then be compiled into an interactive format, allowing users to study the content and simulate interaction with the application they are being trained for, directly from the training material.

Materials can, of course, be exported in the UPK format, for companies that prefer to keep using it.



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