The benefits of working with an ISO 27001 certified company

ISO 27001 is a security management system certification, defined by the International Organization for Standardization, that helps companies to keep under strict control security procedures within the company, as well as information security that surpasses the confines of the company.

Having obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, Software Business Partners assures its partners that it has the right tools for avoiding risks and ensuring a high degree of information security. Also, the strict procedures ensure an effective risk prevention and treatment, when this is the case. Not only that this represents an important asset for the outsourcing company, but also it is an important factor in gaining the customer’s trust.

To summarize the advantages of collaborating with an ISO 27001 certified company:

An ISO 27001 certified company provides greater security awareness

Due to a set of strict implementation procedures and standards (which are reviewed and improved constantly) within the outsourcing company, risks are reduced by preventing the issues, rather than fixing them. This means that the software development process is permanently monitored, and a risk assessment is performed before starting to work on a new increment.

Also, these strict procedures ensure that all employees are aware of the security risks and are actively counteracting them.

An ISO 27001 certified company provides lower costs

As prevention is (always) better than cure, ISO 27001 certification helps outsourcing companies to avoid software issues, rather than fix them. This ensures a smoother software development process, smaller implementation times without interruptions, which result in reduced costs for the customers.

Risk reduction not only results in diminished costs and less interruptions, but also it ensures an increased stability of the software development process, which leads in the end to a better software product.

An ISO 27001 certified company provides greater security focus

Security management should be regarded as one of the main goals of the entire company, and not only of the IT department. By making all employees aware of the possible security risks and how these can be dealt with, as well as by measuring the effectiveness of the procedures that are being employed by the IT staff, standards and services are constantly improved,  and a clear focus is set on preventing security breaches.

All these characteristics ensure that an ISO 27001 certified outsourcing company operates in a safe environment, follows all required methodologies and regulations in terms of security, and guarantees the safety and confidentiality of their customers’ data.

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