Supported platforms: Windows

Regitron is a desktop app used to easily take X-Ray images of body parts and analyze them.

Users can add various filters on the resulting X-Ray, such as: noise reduction, edge sharpening, dark-frame subtraction.

Various measurements can be performed, and users can add annotations and share the images with their colleagues.




  • Import / export DICOM and CR2 files;

  • Increase / decrease brightness and contrast of the X-ray images;

  • Multilanguage support;

  • Virtual waiting room feature, where users can add new (or load existing) patients;

  • Export patient data;

  • List all current scan jobs and clients for which scan jobs have not been created;

  • Built-in connectivity with high-resolution scanners and cameras;




This is the home screen of the app:


The user can see the images associated with a certain patient. The tools for image manipulation are found in the bottom bar:


The first screen shows the application’s search function, and the second screen shows the advanced search features:




  .NET SQL Server ImageMagick.NET




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