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projects using C#

At SBP, we leverage the full potential of C# in order to create scalable, secure, and high-performing solutions tailored specifically for your company.

With an in-depth understanding of the challenges businesses face, our C# experts provide custom development services that address today’s dynamic market. Whether it’s enterprise software, interactive websites, or resource-intensive gaming applications, we’ve got you covered.

Our C# services

Custom Software Development

Custom software solutions aligned to your specific needs, taking into account every aspect of your business requirements.

Application Maintenance & Support

Bug fixing, performance optimization, feature enhancements, and ensuring the software’s smooth operations.

Migration & Modernization

We can migrate your legacy systems or applications to newer C# platforms or frameworks.

Web Development

Dynamic, feature-rich web apps, web services, e-commerce platforms, and content management systems.

Desktop Application Development

Applications ranging from productivity tools to complex enterprise systems.

Mobile Application Development

Cross-platform mobile applications for iOS & Android devices by using Xamarin.

Integration Services

Connecting C# apps with other systems or APIs.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Functional testing, performance testing, security testing.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise-grade software solutions, from ERP systems to CRM software.

What projects we’ve built using C#

Ecommerce Platform For Shops

Mobile app that allows customers to purchase groceries from their mobile devices, without having to go to the physical store.

Geo Information Data Capture

This is a suite for the control of smart home appliances, which allows multiple profiles and can help family members keep track of each other.

why work with us

Our team consists of skilled software engineers, designers, and project managers with diverse expertise in various technologies and industries. This enables us to handle projects across domains, addressing your specific requirements effectively.

With our flexible partnership, you can easily scale your workforce based on your needs. Whether you need to expand or reduce resources, we provide rapid elasticity for optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Embracing Agile principles, we adapt quickly to evolving project requirements, ensuring flexibility, enhanced product quality, and improved customer satisfaction. Through regular iterations and feedback loops, we align software solutions with your evolving business needs.

Our dedicated quality assurance team rigorously tests every aspect of your software to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability. We adhere to industry-standard QA processes, guaranteeing stable and scalable software solutions.

Our meticulous handover process ensures a smooth ramp-up, facilitating efficient knowledge transfer within your project team. With clear communication channels and collaborative workflows, we align our efforts with your project goals from the start.

Experience seamless and transparent communication channels with us. We provide daily customer support through email, phone, and instant messaging. Our online system for issue reporting, bug tracking, and feature requesting ensures prompt feedback and swift resolution.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, we adhere to internationally recognized quality and information security standards, ensuring the delivery of reliable products and solutions.

Count on the stability of our services, even during team members’ absences. Our processes ensure continuous development and support, keeping your projects on track and maintaining momentum.

Where’s C# being used

Financial Sector

Applications that handle financial data, trading platforms, simulations, risk management, and analytics


Patient management, electronic health records, and medical imaging software

Cloud and Distributed Systems

Cloud-based applications, microservices, and distributed systems, especially in Azure

IoT (Internet of Things)

Apps that interact with, control, and manage smart devices

Machine Learning and AI

Microsoft's ML.NET allows developers to integrate machine learning into their C# applications


Inventory management, supply chain management, factory automation software

Real-time Communication

Chat applications and video conferencing tools

Government and Public Services

Apps for public services, internal management, and data processing

Software Development

Desktop application development (utilities, graphics software, and office applications), particularly for Windows using the .NET Framework

Web Development

E-commerce, content management systems, and enterprise-level applications, through ASP.NET

Mobile Applications

Native applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using a single code base, through Xamarin

Enterprise Solutions

Applications ranging from inventory management systems to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions

Education and Training

Learning platforms and training applications, especially those oriented towards computer programming and IT training


C# (pronounced “C Sharp”) is a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language that enables developers to create a wide range of applications, such as desktop applications, dynamic websites, web services, web applications and cross-platform mobile apps.

C# supports multiple paradigms (imperative, declarative, and event-driven programming) and it offers features like generics, LINQ, and async/await for efficient and expressive code. Its syntax is highly expressive, but also simple and easy to learn. The curly-brace syntax of C# will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with C, C++ or Java. Its object-oriented features are similar to those of Java.

The language also provides support for multithreading and parallel programming, facilitating developers to take advantage of modern hardware capabilities and improve application performance. It has a very good integration with the .NET framework.

Used often with C#

Visual Studio, NuGet, Git
.NET Framework/.NET Core, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, Xamarin, Entity Framework, NUnit/xUnit/MSTest, SignalR, Nancy, Prism
Entity Framework, ML.NET
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Couchbase
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