Fast-Track Your Projects with

Nearshore Software Outsourcing Services

Fast-Track Your Projects With Nearshore Software Outsourcing Services

Trustworthy Outsourcing Partnership: ISO-Certified quality and security standards.
Scalability and Flexibility: Quickly scale workforce as needed.
Exceptional Product Quality: Rigorous testing for optimal performance.
Effective Cost Management: Avoid budget overruns with predictable costs.
Nearshore Software Outsourcing: Romanian company, aligned with European time zones.

Trusted by clients worldwide

Trusted by clients worldwide

Make your users happy with quality-driven software solutions

Make your users happy

with quality-driven software outsourcing

For the past 20 years, we’ve been blending our tech skills and domain knowledge to deliver amazing software products. Our track record shows we’re a dependable nearshore outsourcing partner for European companies aiming to stay ahead with agile software outsourcing services.

Enterprise Systems
Web Apps
API & Integrations
Cloud-based Solutions
Mobile Apps
IoT & Embedded Systems
Automation Software
Legacy App Migration & Upgrade





Where we add value

When off-the-shelf solutions fall short, our custom software project development steps in to fill the gap. Tailored specifically to your unique business needs, we design and develop software that aligns perfectly with your goals and processes.

From initial concept to final deployment, we work closely with you to create a solution that enhances efficiency, boosts productivity, and provides a competitive edge.

Launching a new product? We specialize in crafting MVPs that not only hit the market swiftly but are also primed for iterative development based on real user feedback.

Thanks to our agile development approach, your MVP evolves in step with user needs and your strategic vision, turning a basic prototype into a fully-fledged product that stands out in the marketplace.

When your product needs to scale rapidly to meet growing demand or seize market opportunities, our team is ideally suited to support that growth.

We provide the agility and expertise to quickly expand your development capabilities, adding skilled professionals to your team at a moment’s notice. This allows you to enhance your product features, improve performance, and meet customer expectations without delay.

For long-term, ongoing partnerships, our team is your dedicated ally. We thrive in sustained engagements, consistently delivering high-quality results and adapting to evolving project needs.

With a deep understanding of your vision and goals, we seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing continuous support and expertise. Our commitment to building lasting relationships means we not only meet but exceed your expectations, driving your projects forward with precision and care.

When software projects run into trouble, swift and effective intervention is crucial. Our service is designed to step in and turn things around. Whether you’re facing missed deadlines, budget overruns, or quality issues, our team can quickly assess the situation and implement a recovery plan.

By identifying the root causes of problems and applying targeted solutions, we transform struggling projects into successful deliverables, ensuring your goals are met and your investment is protected.

If your in-house team is stretched thin or focused on core business functions, we can extend your development capabilities without missing a beat.

Whether it’s taking on overflow work, developing an entire piece of software, or augmenting your team with specialized skills, our collaboration offers a seamless extension of your efforts. This approach keeps projects on track and deadlines met with confidence.

Certain projects require niche technical skills that might not be available in-house. Our development teams bring specialized expertise to your projects, leveraging the latest industry practices without the need for lengthy hiring processes or extensive training.

This means you can quickly gain the technical edge needed to tackle specific challenges and achieve your project goals efficiently.


Scale Up for the Big Push, Scale Down When It’s Done.

Resource allocation can be a major headache, especially when your project needs fluctuate. Our flexible outsourcing partnership model allows you to quickly scale your workforce up or down.

This rapid elasticity ensures optimal allocation and cost-effectiveness, freeing you from the constraints of rigid staffing. You get the exact resources you need, when you need them.


Get the Right Expertise at Every Critical Phase of your project.

You get immediate access to a diverse team of skilled software developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers with expertise across various technologies and industries.

Our wide talent pool means we can handle projects of any complexity and domain, ensuring that your specific requirements are met effectively.


Get Your Software Projects Rolling Smoothly from Day One.

Starting a new project or integrating a new remote team can be disruptive. Our meticulous handover process ensures a smooth ramp-up, facilitating efficient knowledge transfer.

With clear communication channels and collaborative workflows, we align our efforts with your project goals from the very start. This seamless onboarding process minimizes disruption and maximizes productivity from day one.


Rigorous Testing For Optimal Performance.

There’s nothing more critical than ensuring your software performs flawlessly. Our dedicated quality assurance team rigorously tests every aspect of your software to guarantee optimal performance, security, and reliability.

By adhering to industry-standard QA processes, we deliver stable and scalable solutions, giving you the confidence that your product will meet the highest standards.

“SBP’s know-how and long-term vision was very helpful during the solution design phase. I wholeheartedly endorse SBP as a reliable and knowledgeable partner for software development, product development and consultancy.” (Karen Zelenko – Program Manager @ VMware)

“I can validate SBP’s commitment to delivering an outstanding service, as well as their clear vision and an inclination to act as a development advisor. They demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile for complementing our internal product development efforts.” (Russell Simmonds – Head of Software Development @ MiX Telematics)

User-centric software development from ideation to post-launch support

User-centric software development

from ideation to post-launch support

Our team of software experts will treat your project as though it’s their own, thanks to the strong culture of ownership fostered in our software outsourcing company. By coming up with creative solutions to your most stringent requirements and offering you timely advice along the development process, we maximize the business value we bring to the table.

Software architecture
Development & implementation
Testing & quality assurance
DevOps & CI/CD
UI/UX Design
Technical & user documentation
Maintenance & support
Reengineering & migration


Delivering Quality In Every Aspect Of Your Project.



Your Data Is Protected Every Step Of The Way.


Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality management. This globally recognized standard confirms that we consistently meet customer expectations and deliver flawless products and services.

By implementing ISO 9001, we have established robust processes and trained our staff to maintain and continually improve our quality management system. This dedication to excellence enables us to enhance performance and reliability.

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding your data is paramount. As an ISO/IEC 27001 certified company, we adhere to the highest standards for information security management.

This certification confirms our commitment to managing data security risks through robust systems and best practices. By conforming to ISO/IEC 27001, we enhance cyber-resilience and operational excellence, keeping your data secure and managed with utmost integrity.


Avoid Budget Overruns With Predictable Costs.


Closing the Distance: Feels Like We're Right There in your Office.

Managing your software development budget can be a daunting task, especially with the constant risk of unexpected expenses. Our approach helps you stay within budget by providing a clear, scalable cost structure.

This transparency allows you to predict costs accurately, eliminating financial surprises. By partnering with us, you can focus on achieving your project goals without the stress of financial uncertainties.

Clear and consistent communication is the backbone of any successful outsourcing project. We offer seamless and transparent communication channels, including daily customer support through email, phone, and instant messaging.

Our online system for issue reporting, bug tracking, and feature requesting ensures prompt feedback and swift resolution. You’ll always be in the loop, with no communication gaps.

“They are extremely flexible and open to a fast paced, agile way of development. Their ability to pivot quickly allowed us to meet tight deadlines.” (Jaro Lexmond – Product Owner @ Platform of Trust)

“I can say that it’s been a productive relationship, as we’ve worked together on multiple projects. I feel confident in recommending SBP’s services to any company in search of a strong & valuable development partner.” (Peter Kortmann – Project Manager @ Viessmann)

“SBP are very easy to work with and are embedded in our team, they are even in our daily standups. SBP give us the ability to scale our resources in many areas and support the velocity of development that we need to be competitive. SBP are now an integral part of our technical development and delivery.” (Peter Levy – CTO @ Healthspan)

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