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MiX Telematics is a company that leads telematics services providers in the USA and globally, with a network of more than 130 fleet partners, in more than 120 countries. More than 750,000 mobile assets are actively managed by MiX Telematics, a number that’s steadily growing.
We’ve worked togheter with MiX Telematics on MiX Now, a simplified GPS fleet tracking solution for small fleets that allows companies to monitor and manage the behavior and performance of their fleet and drivers.

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MiX Telematics wanted to offer a Plug ‘n play solution for service fleets, a simplified, self-service fleet software that empowers business owners to easily manage their vehicles and drivers.
Our company (SBP) was chosen as an extension of their team in order to bolster their development capacity and meet the milestones required to release the product on the market without delays.


The MiX now solution boasts features such as: dashboards for driver performance and driver scoring, managers can view the data via the online tracking and information portal, live alerts to notify drivers of their performance.
Some of the benefits of this that brings to the table are: reduced fuel usage, improved vehicle health management, time theft prevention, increased vehicle utilization, in time reduces problems such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, exceeding speed limits.


“In Q3, MiX Telematics delivered another strong quarter, evidenced by 16% year over year subscription revenue growth. Our results were driven by ongoing robust demand globally for our services from our customers across all verticals.”
“Additionally, we are already seeing early traction with our newly announced light fleet solution, MiX Now, and have already closed several deals. We are confident the strength of our diversified portfolio of subscribers will enable us to maintain our market momentum.”
Source: https://investor.mixtelematics.com/news/news-details/2019/MiX-Telematics-Announces-Financial-Results-for-Third-Quarter-of-Fiscal-2019/

“SBP has been our partner since November 2016. I can say that it’s been a productive relationship, as we’ve worked together on multiple projects. I’m hoping that we will get to collaborate on other projects in the future as well, and I feel confident in recommending SBP’s services to any company in search of a strong & valuable development partner.”

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