Software development: let’s make it custom

We all want to have our requirements met immediately, but as a company it’s even more important to receive personalized services, that are adapted to your day-to-day activities. A solution that responds to these needs is software development outsourcing / custom programming. How does this work, you may ask? Well, let

…but what does software consulting mean?

What is software consulting? Software consulting is a service that helps other companies or self-employed individuals to meet their needs in terms of software infrastructure, development & support – by providing solutions to any software-related problems, also by creating custom software development solutions and providing training materials. When is a

Testers vs. developers: collaboration is always the key

Testers and developers are two mandatory components in any software development process, and although some might argue that you can develop a piece of software without involving testers, in order to be a competitive software company you need to have a testing department. While a developer is seen as the creator

A look into Agile development

By now you’ve sure heard about the Agile software development methodology, or even used this methodology in your work, so you know how intricate things can be. In order to shed some light onto this matter, I’ve gathered below the most important notions that a programmer / tester needs to

Suite-based testing: a challenging job

Developing rich test suites can be a challenging job even for an experienced tester because it can decide the quality of the software and the rate of its success. So in the following article I will present my opinion as a software tester about the importance of suite-based testing (also

Gray-box: the bridge between black-box and white-box testing

Traditionally, software testing is divided into two major methods: * Black-box testing is used for running tests from the user’s point of view, being focused on the application’s functionalities, features and also design. An important advantage of this testing method is that it’s inexpensive, it’s performed exclusively from the application’s user interface

How to implement a DelayTextBox

The problem: When coding, you often need to implement a functionality that requires to be automatically performed after the text inside a text-box has changed. This can easily be implemented using the TextChanged event of a TextBox control. However, there are cases in which the application needs to perform a certain action only after the

Manual vs. automated testing

When developing rich software applications, a crucial aspect of your work is testing – and some argue that testing should not even be regarded as a separate stage in the process, as it’s intimately related to (and chronologically merged with) the development itself. There are many testing levels (such as

A look at Enterprise 2.0 through Social CRM

Current national or multinational corporations use a a wide-spread organization model, involving several layers of employees. Generally, this extension is governed by the top-to-bottom rule, which works by disseminating information on a need-to-know basis from higher levels of management to lower ones. In this way, normal average workers function according to a

Cloud computing: To each his own part of the cloud

Cloud computing has been with us for a while now, but it started just recently to draw attention to it, particularly because of the large scale Internet applications that client-oriented companies have built as services. Or what we now call SaaS, or software as a service. The “while” I’m talking about started,

To outsource or to insource?

For decades, the debate between choosing outsourcing over insourcing and vice versa has been standing without a clear answer. “Which of the two methods is the most suitable for an organization?” is still an unanswered question. This happens because outsourcing, as any other method or business strategy, has its ups and downs, advantages and

SQL Server: the DBMS classic approach

When it comes to building a database the most important thing is to look for the appropriate platform which covers  all your necessities. In most cases what are you looking for is: performance, scalability, reliability and productivity. On the market today, there are more alternatives for data storage ready to

ASP.NET – Including CSS and JS file references

If you’re wondering what is the best way to include CSS and JS file references in ASP.NET pages, here is a quick guide that outlines the available options and shows which approach suits each situation. First, the most basic approach, can be done from within the head tag, as in the example

ASP.NET – AJAX client side network calls

ASP.NET AJAX is a Microsoft solution that provides support for implementing XMLHttp requests. This type of request is different from the normal web requests by the format and amount of data it sends to and receives from the server – it is a minimal (partial) postback, sending and receiving only the important data,

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