How Windows came to be? – a Windows OS history

The term “Micro-soft” was first used by Bill Gates in a letter to Paul Allen in 1975, and a year later the trademark “Microsoft” was registered. Microsoft’s destiny was determined when they landed the world’s most famous business deal with IBM – to provide them with an operational system.

Leave your design to Bootstrap

Imagine that you are developing a website with the sole purpose of selling cosmetic products. Assuming it’s fully functional (visualizing products, order and paying), what will make your website stand out in a market of thousands of other similar projects? If you don’t know yet, let me tell you: it’s the design!

The lost art of Assembly Programming

Assembly is a low-level programming language for a computer or any other programmable device, which has a very strong (generally one-to-one) correspondence with the machine language instructions (basically, the programmer speaks with the device by using the device’s language).

Outsourcing the right way

When you decide to outsource the development of a software product towards an outsourcing company it’s important to get off on the right foot. This means that your requirements and expectations (look and feel of the software) need to be conveyed as clearly as possible to the outsourcing team.

A new trend in software release cycles

Until recent years, the software companies have accustomed us with longer cycles between software updates (we’ve waited 5 years for Windows Server 2008, remember?!), but nowadays a new trend has emerged – faster software release cycles.


The first database appeared in the 60s by the name of Navigational DBMS , and later, in the 70s, a new type of database was created by Edgar Codd, an IBM employee. This new system was known as the “Relational database management system” – and it’s still popular today, although another database type gained ground in the last years, namely NoSQL

iOS SDK insights

As of October 22, 2013, the App Store reached the 1 million apps milestone, which is quite an impressive achievement. Most of these apps have been developed with the help of the iOS SDK, the software development kit developed by Apple Inc., which provides the necessary tools and frameworks for developers.

Outsourcing: how to keep up with the competition

If at first, the economic climate forced more companies to outsource their IT departments towards outsourcing software companies, now outsourcing has become a viable solution for having access to a multitude of skills and expertise.

Attractive software outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe

In the last decade a new destination has emerged: Eastern Europe. Countries such as: Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Ukraine etc. made a name for themselves on the outsourcing market by providing a complete set of services – consulting, development, support, maintenance.

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