ASP.NET – Including CSS and JS file references

If you’re wondering what is the best way to include CSS and JS file references in ASP.NET pages, here is a quick guide that outlines the available options and shows which approach suits each situation.

ASP.NET – AJAX client side network calls

ASP.NET AJAX is a Microsoft solution that provides support for implementing XMLHttp requests. This type of request is different from the normal web requests by the format and amount of data it sends to and receives from the server – it is a minimal (partial) postback, sending and receiving only the important data, instead of transferring the entire page, as a normal postback would do.

PHP and ASP.NET – Making the right choice

If the past debate between PHP and ASP.NET was thought of as a biased comparison, due to the fact that the first was a scripting language, and the latter a fully developed web application framework, now the issue is a bit easier to discuss, since PHP has finally added a few OOP capabilities (still not a fully grown platform, but anyway an improved one).

Reasons for outsourcing

If you already know what outsourcing represents but still are confused about it’s purposes and means of efficiency, here are some basic facts about the effects of outsourcing in your organization if you decide to follow up this path.

The Ajax technology

In a broader sense, Ajax represents a cluster of technologies that were so designed as to create a developer comprehensive and user-end facile language. At both ends, developer and remote user, Ajax creates and delivers rich web applications on a desktop application basis, providing lower bandwidth usage and speeding up loading page time by retrieving data from servers in the background of the page asynchronously.

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