Embedded Software Development Services

Software is embedded in the fabric of our lives. New innovative products launch every day to solve problems and improve our existence. Our team is experienced in developing the embedded software that gives meaning and purpose to each product in this space.

You envision it. We develop it.

Designing high-quality embedded systems requires a well-thought-out software development process. We want you to see your project come to life: from a simple idea to a complex solution on the market that meets the demands of your customers.

Building the right solution begins with a clear plan and continues with well-timed adjustments all the way to the final product. Iterations, experimentation, testing, and fine-tuning are all part of our DNA.

Our skills span across industries


Internet of Things

Everything is connected. We expand the IoT network by developing software for physical devices, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics.



Home Automation

Embedded systems bring flexibility and efficiency into our homes. We teach HVAC systems, thermostats, and home appliances to work for us and provide us with better atmoshpere and security.


Portable Devices

We bring to life digital watches and other hand-held and wearable devices. Some of us are very excited about human’s future as a cyborg – we imagine innovative products that will greatly improve us.



Transportation Systems

The use of embedded systems in the automotive and aviation industries has increased in the past years, with the objective to maximize efficiency, improve safety systems, and reduce pollution.


Medical Equipment

Healthcare is the sector where the new technologies really shine, put to good use by professionals that save lifes every day. We develop software for vital signs monitoring, electronic stethoscopes, and medical imaging.




We develop software for microcontrollers used in automatically controlled products and devices, such as remote controls, home & office machines, medical devices, applicances, power tools, and toys.


Stationary Installations

The tech revolution made cities smarter and factories more efficient. We play our part in this shift, by working on software for traffic lights and factory controllers.



The Next Big Thing

We partner with forward-thinking individuals and companies to develop and bring to market innovative devices that solve real problems.


Technologies we use in embedded systems development

  • C, C++, Qt, Python

  • ZigBee, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Microchip PIC

  • Atmel AVR




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