Advertising Software Platform

This is a web app that enables its users to promote their products on the internet, through the creation and promotion of campaigns

Brokerage Management Web Platform

This is a web application that facilitates the communication between a client that needs to finalize a trade order, an executing broker and a clearing broker

Ecommerce Platform For Shops

This is a mobile app that allows customers to purchase groceries from their mobile devices, without having to go to the physical store

Fleet Monitoring Web App Platform

This is a solution which allows real time monitoring of maritime vessels and fleets, including vessel speed, direction, route or fuel consumption

Oil Rig Management System

This is a web app that allows administrators to manage all aspects of multiple oil drilling operations and related activities

Online Taxi Application Suite

This is an app suite comprised of a customer app, a driver app and a web administration module that provides full support for taxi companies

Promotion Campaign Manager

This is a social marketing platform that gathers relevant online information about a certain brand, from online sources such as: websites, social networks, blogs etc

Screen Sharing Browser Plugin

This is a screen sharing browser plugin that can capture the screen of the presenter and make it available for viewers in real time

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