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Praising a legend

Jun 27, 2009 by Mihai Cernea

Michael Jackson having passed away... This sad news is not much related to our tech blog, but MJ represents a true worldwide phenomenon, which I've personally admired a lot, so I'd like to honor his passing. ... read more

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ASP.NET – AJAX client side network calls

Jun 17, 2009 by Constantin

ASP.NET AJAX is a Microsoft solution that provides support for implementing XMLHttp requests. This type of request is different from the normal web requests by the format and amount of data it sends to and receives from the server – it is a minimal (partial) postback, sending and receiving only the important data, instead of transferring the entire page, as a normal postback would do.

Normally we would take advantage of this feature by using an UpdatePanel, but we can also do it by using network calls – as we’ll be able to see in the following example ... read more

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Why is online advertising better

Jun 01, 2009 by Mihai

Marketing, PR and advertising firms are struggling to stay afloat of the new wave of challenges, that came along with the global financial crisis. This is true for US, and it's true for almost every developed or emerging economy - which of course includes Eastern Europe, and Romania in particular. Marketing departments are currently "optimizing" their budgets, to deal with the crisis, and a key note of their optimization strategies is "re-focusing on more efficient channels, such as the internet advertising". Why is internet advertising so efficient, and why is it suddenly regarded as a safe and desirable investment? ... read more

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