MSMQ (also known as "Microsoft Message Queuing") is a messaging protocol implemented by Microsoft that allows applications to communicate across systems that are temporarily offline.


  • It’s free and integrated into Windows
  • Good integration with .NET framework
  • The messages can be kept on a hard drive, so they won’t be lost
  • It has monitoring capabilities
  • It has transactional queues
  • The .NET API provides a straightforward implementation


  • Can be used only by Windows users
  • Doesn’t have native support for Java Message System
  • Poison messages will sometimes appear when doing transactional queues
  • Can’t manage remote queues


  • MSMQApplication
  • MSMQCollection
  • MSMQCoordinatedTransactionDispenser
  • MSMQDestination
  • MSMQEvent
  • MSMQManagement
  • MSMQMessage
  • MSMQOutgoingQueueManagement
  • MSMQQuery
  • MSMQQueue
  • MSMQQueueInfo
  • MSMQQueueInfos
  • MSMQQueueManagement
  • MSMQTransaction
  • MSMQTransactionDispenser

Development tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
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