Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is currently the most used word processor. It’s designed by Microsoft and it first appeared in 1983, under the name "Multi-Tool Word".


  • It has many great features, such as: grammar checking, conditional formatting, drawing tools etc.
  • The UI is very user friendly
  • Users benefit from high-quality support from Microsoft
  • There are many available options to customize, both the interface and the text


  • In certain cases, auto-formatting can be difficult to set up to in order to meet the desired requirements
  • It is expensive, especially if you only need simple typing
  • Sometimes there are incompatibilities between different versions of Word
  • The documents created are larger than necessary
  • The grammar check is not always so good


  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Title Bar
  • Ribbon and tools (Clip Art, Shape Drawing Tool, Charts, Formatting Tool)
  • Text Area
  • Status Bar
  • Document Viewer
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