We connect IoT devices

using LoRaWAN

At SBP, we specialize in developing and deploying robust LoRaWAN-based solutions. The flexibility and range of LoRaWAN make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of IoT applications, from smart agriculture and environment monitoring to smart cities and building automation. We unlock the full potential of LoRaWAN for your company.

Our LoRaWAN services

Device Integration

Software to integrate LoRaWAN-enabled devices into IoT ecosystems, by setting up communication protocols, data parsing, and device management.

Application Server Development

Application servers that process and analyze data from LoRaWAN devices (data storage, real-time data processing, integration with other systems).

Device Firmware Development

Firmware for LoRaWAN devices that enable them to communicate with LoRaWAN networks, by programming the device's microcontroller to handle LoRaWAN communication.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

User interfaces and dashboards where users monitor, visualize and control their IoT devices remotely.

API Development

APIs that allow third-party applications to access and interact with data from LoRaWAN devices and servers.

why work with us

Our team consists of skilled software engineers, designers, and project managers with diverse expertise in various technologies and industries. This enables us to handle projects across domains, addressing your specific requirements effectively.

With our flexible partnership, you can easily scale your workforce based on your needs. Whether you need to expand or reduce resources, we provide rapid elasticity for optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Embracing Agile principles, we adapt quickly to evolving project requirements, ensuring flexibility, enhanced product quality, and improved customer satisfaction. Through regular iterations and feedback loops, we align software solutions with your evolving business needs.

Our dedicated quality assurance team rigorously tests every aspect of your software to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability. We adhere to industry-standard QA processes, guaranteeing stable and scalable software solutions.

Our meticulous handover process ensures a smooth ramp-up, facilitating efficient knowledge transfer within your project team. With clear communication channels and collaborative workflows, we align our efforts with your project goals from the start.

Experience seamless and transparent communication channels with us. We provide daily customer support through email, phone, and instant messaging. Our online system for issue reporting, bug tracking, and feature requesting ensures prompt feedback and swift resolution.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, we adhere to internationally recognized quality and information security standards, ensuring the delivery of reliable products and solutions.

Count on the stability of our services, even during team members’ absences. Our processes ensure continuous development and support, keeping your projects on track and maintaining momentum.

Where’s LoRaWAN being used


Remote patient monitoring, tracking medical equipment

Smart Cities

Smart city applications, smart lighting, waste management, parking solutions, environmental monitoring


Smart metering, remote reading and management of energy, water, and gas meters


Inventory tracking, monitoring store conditions, smart shelving systems

Logistics and Supply Chain

Tracking and monitoring assets in transit, managing inventory, optimizing supply chain processes

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring air quality, water quality, and other environmental parameters


Remote monitoring of crops, soil conditions, efficient water management

Water Management

Monitoring and managing water resources, including water quality monitoring, leak detection, and irrigation control

Home Automation

Smart home applications, smart thermostats, door/window sensors, security systems

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Monitoring and managing equipment, predictive maintenance, optimizing operational efficiency

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Monitoring and controlling building systems, including lighting, HVAC, and security


LoRaWAN is a technology used to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances, often in remote and challenging environments. LoRaWAN’s uniqueness is that it can communicate with far away IoT devices (up to 10km), useful in rural areas, but it can also penetrate dense urban environments.

LoRaWAN is maintained by the LoRa Alliance and acts as a network layer protocol for managing communication between LPWAN gateways and end-node devices.

It supports large networks with millions of devices, and the communication architecture of LoRaWAN is laid out in a star topology where gateways relay messages between end-devices and a central network server.

Used often with LoRaWAN

Open-source LoRaWAN network server used for private LoRaWAN deployments
The Things Stack
Device management platform used for deploying and managing LoRaWAN devices at scale
IoT Device Management Platforms
AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google Cloud IoT can be integrated with LoRaWAN solutions
common programming languages
Node.js, Python, Java, C/C++
IoT Development Frameworks
Arduino, PlatformIO
Big Data and Analytics Tools
Apache Kafka, Spark, Hadoop
Used for data exploration and visualization
The Things Network Geolocation
Geolocation service used to determine the approximate location of LoRaWAN-based devices
API Gateway Services
AWS API Gateway or Google Cloud Endpoints, used to manage and secure APIs
Docker and Kubernetes
containerization and orchestration tools used for deploying and managing LoRaWAN applications at scale
Log Management
log aggregation and analysis using ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
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