H.264 is a video compression standard (also named MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC – Advanced Video Coding) used for high definition video playback. It was designed to provide good video quality while using much lower bit rates than other standards.


  • It represents the standard for all Blu-Ray videos
  • It has better video quality and it’s more fluent for real-time playback than other standards
  • Very good compression performance
  • It has very good network transmission (because the encoded video files are small)


  • It doesn’t handle well the bit errors
  • Royalties must be paid in some cases
  • It requires more computer power for encoding and decoding


  • Improved inter-prediction and motion estimation
  • Improved intra spatial prediction and transform
  • Improved algorithms for encoding
  • Low latency feature
  • Simplified profiles
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