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Whether you are a small company looking to implement a scalable search solution or an enterprise aiming to optimize data analysis, our Elasticsearch development services are tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

At SBP, we understand that modern applications are data-driven, and that Elasticsearch plays a critical role in this, that’s why we are dedicated to helping your business in harnessing the power of Elasticsearch for efficient search and data analytics solutions. Our services cover the entire Elasticsearch development lifecycle, from initial consultation and custom solution design to implementation, optimization, and ongoing support.

Our ElasticSearch services

Search Engine Development

Powerful search engine solutions that enable advanced search functionality for your clients' applications, with features such as full-text search, fuzzy matching, and filters.

Data Indexing & Retrieval

Systems for efficient data indexing, storage, and retrieval, which ensure quick access to valuable information.

Log & Event Data Management

Custom solutions for log and event data management, utilizing ElasticSearch for real-time monitoring, analysis, and insights.

ElasticSearch Cluster Setup & Management

We configure and manage ElasticSearch clusters, ensuring scalability, reliability, and fault tolerance for your applications.

Financial Data Analysis

Financial data analysis tools for the financial sector, which enable fraud detection, risk analysis, and regulatory compliance.

E-commerce Search Optimization

Amazing search functionalities for e-commerce platforms by optimizing product search, recommendation engines, and faceted search.

Healthcare Data Retrieval

Efficient retrieval of medical records, patient data, and medical device data for healthcare organizations, with real-time access to critical information.

Content Discovery & Recommendation

Content discovery and recommendation engines for media and publishing, enhancing content delivery and user engagement.

Custom Dashboards & Reporting

Interactive dashboards and reporting tools with Kibana, allowing clients to visualize and explore their data effectively.

why work with us

Our team consists of skilled software engineers, designers, and project managers with diverse expertise in various technologies and industries. This enables us to handle projects across domains, addressing your specific requirements effectively.

With our flexible partnership, you can easily scale your workforce based on your needs. Whether you need to expand or reduce resources, we provide rapid elasticity for optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Embracing Agile principles, we adapt quickly to evolving project requirements, ensuring flexibility, enhanced product quality, and improved customer satisfaction. Through regular iterations and feedback loops, we align software solutions with your evolving business needs.

Our dedicated quality assurance team rigorously tests every aspect of your software to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability. We adhere to industry-standard QA processes, guaranteeing stable and scalable software solutions.

Our meticulous handover process ensures a smooth ramp-up, facilitating efficient knowledge transfer within your project team. With clear communication channels and collaborative workflows, we align our efforts with your project goals from the start.

Experience seamless and transparent communication channels with us. We provide daily customer support through email, phone, and instant messaging. Our online system for issue reporting, bug tracking, and feature requesting ensures prompt feedback and swift resolution.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, we adhere to internationally recognized quality and information security standards, ensuring the delivery of reliable products and solutions.

Count on the stability of our services, even during team members’ absences. Our processes ensure continuous development and support, keeping your projects on track and maintaining momentum.

Where’s .NET being used

Financial Services

Used for fraud detection, risk analysis, and compliance with regulatory requirements


ElasticSearch is applied to medical records, patient data analysis, and real-time monitoring of medical devices


E-commerce platforms for product search, personalized recommendations, and faceted navigation

E-learning & Education

ElasticSearch enhances e-learning platforms

Real Estate

ElasticSearch powers property search, real estate marketplaces, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Logistics & Transportation

Websites, inventory management systems, and appointment scheduling tools


Network management and customer service platforms

Environmental Services

Environmental data collection, analysis, and sustainability tracking

Energy & Utilities

ElasticSearch assists in data management, analysis, and reporting for the energy and utilities industry

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Clinical data analysis, laboratory information systems, and clinical trial platforms

Media & Publishing

Content discovery, content recommendations, and content management systems

WHAT IS ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed search and analytics engine designed for handling large volumes of data efficiently. It’s developed on top of the Apache Lucene search engine library, and provides a powerful and scalable solution for searching, analyzing, and visualizing diverse sets of data in real-time.

Elasticsearch’s distributed nature enables it to handle massive amounts of data across multiple nodes, ensuring high availability, fault tolerance, and fast response times.Elasticsearch is also a key component in the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack, which is widely used for log and event data analysis, making it a versatile tool for organizations seeking efficient and flexible data exploration and retrieval solutions.

Used often with ElasticSearch

Programming Languages
Java, Python
Front-End Frameworks & Technologies
HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular
Database Management
MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
Eclipse, Visual Studio Code
Cluster Orchestration & Management
Docker, Kubernetes, Managed ElasticSearch services (AWS, Azure, Elastic)
Data Ingestion & Processing
Logstash, part of the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana)
Data Visualization & Analysis
Kibana: official data visualization and exploration tool for ElasticSearch
Monitoring & Alerts
Elasticsearch Watcher, Prometheus, Grafana
Redis: used to cache query results, speeding up response times and reducing server load
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