BizTalk (short name for the Microsoft BizTalk Server software architecture model) was created by Microsoft and it is used to manage and automate business processes.


  • Many solutions can be developed in a relatively short time
  • Maintenance is easy to conduct
  • It’s easy to update
  • The Retry Mechanism feature allows the client to properly handle the case when a service is down
  • It has support for multi-server environments
  • BizTalk contains tools like SSO (Single Sign-On), BRE (Business Rules Engine) and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
  • It has a major release approximately each 18 months
  • Supports the x.509 certificate
  • It doesn’t require any third-party software as a prerequisite


  • It runs only on Microsoft / Intel platforms
  • The repository is working only with Microsoft SQL Server
  • In order to be used in servers with 8-32 processors, it requires an OEM purchase of Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter
  • The recovery and backups must be done manually
  • BizTalk doesn’t have integrated importing & exporting, so this must be done through SQL


  • Receive port
  • Adapters
  • Pipeline
  • MessageBox
  • Subscribers
  • Send port
  • Orchestration

Development tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
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