Swift is a compiled programming language created by Apple, and it combines elements from C and Objective-C languages. It has modern features and safe patterns that makes programming more adaptable and easier.

Swift is a fresh approach to programming languages and is supported by the well-known Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. It is a programming language built with the LLVM compiler framework that is included in Xcode (version 6 or later). Swift allows programmers to combine C, Objective-C, C++ and Swift code within a single app.


  • Swift is easy to read - some C elements did not made their way into this language
  • The way you can handle strings in Swift is a big advantage over Objective-C, being much simpler
  • The language tuples offer compound variables which means that values in tuple can be of any type
  • Swift is a complete language with modern requirements
  • It introduces generics, functions that can be reused with different variable types without being rewritten for each type (they are basically less powerful C++ templates)
  • A new feature called “Playground” allows developers to get an instant feedback of his work
  • Swift is an open-source programming language


  • Lower performance than other similar technologies (such as: Objective-C)
  • Swift is not a cross-platform programming language
  • Third party libraries and source codes are only available in Objective-C
  • Swift doesn't support pure virtual functions, so abstract classes can't be created


  • Core Libraries
  • Language Constructs
  • Package Manager

Development tools

  • Xcode 6.0Swift programming language


  • Swift 1.x
  • Swift 2.0
  • Swift 2.1
  • Swift 2.2


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