We are a team of passionate and innovative individuals who enjoy developing state-of-the-art & reliable software products for our customers.


Passion is the one thing that brings out
the best in us. We know that our passion
for technology is the one thing that can
lead us, day by day, towards building
something truly great.

There's positive energy in everything that
we do - in the office as well as in our spare
time (whether it's rock climbing, sky diving
or playing a video game).

Our team embraces challenges and rarely takes
no for an answer - because we believe that we
will always find a creative way
around any obstacle.


We think that personal growth is the key
to building a great future.

The wide variety of technologies that we
use in our projects will challenge you to
extend your capabilities. Your technical
growth will be a fluent process - because
it's easier when you have the team to
support you along the way.


Let's face it: it's more fun if you come to
work knowing that you can have a few
good laughs in the morning.

A great idea that you ran into, a good time
that you shared with your friends, an
obstacle that you managed to surpass or
simply a new thing that you learned to do -
this is what makes us enjoy every day to
the fullest.

Coffee and Great Conversations
We all love a good cup of coffee,
and awesome people to share
that with. Can't wait to have a
cup of coffee with you!
Supporting Team
At SBP it's all about enjoying each
other's company and respecting
each other's skills. We're here to
guide you through the rough days
and be with you to celebrate
whenever you add something truly
great to the flow, to evolve and
refine your work.
Great Memories
Together we work hard, we laugh
a lot and we're building great
memories. We care a great deal
about what we do and, even if
the hard stuff is what defines our
company, we're willing to go the
extra mile to also be on the
fun side of things.
Fresh Fruits
We cover the daily vitamin needs
by providing fresh fruits to fuel
you throughout the day.
Birthday Pizza
One of our biggest values is that
we managed to remain a big
family. On each anniversary, we
gather round and celebrate the
man of the day, eating pizza,
laughing and telling stories.
The next great story is waiting for
Ok, it's time for a pause
Sometimes, to get back in shape,
all you need is a nap.
At the office, you can enjoy two
comfy, quiet rooms where you can
take a short nap during the day, to
regain focus and re-energize.
Enjoying a console game with
your colleagues, in the relaxation
room, is a charming experience.
You can team-up with a
colleague or play against each
other - which often means war :)
But, in the end, we are still lovely
people. Just like you.
Sweet Surprises
Think of it as a "cheat day". It
doesn't matter that you're on a
diet, that you want to stay away
from sweets or you simply ate too
many nasty things that week.
When the cakes arrive, we're all in
the kitchen.
Bonding Relationships
We enjoy each other's company,
and every once in a while we love
spending the night out, serving
dinner at a nice restaurant or
exploring other attractions of the
We encourage wellness and
promote a healthy lifestyle. Our
company provides a private
healthcare subscription at MedLife
and a discounted monthly
subscription at WorldClass Fitness
- for you to live a healthy,
balanced life.