IrDA is a standard for transmitting data via infrared light waves. The IrDA standard was created by the Infrared Data Association which is a group of over 130 companies including IBM, Motorola and Intel.

IrDA is used in networking as follows: for connecting computers, printers and mobile devices in order to form networks and transfer data from one and other. Information such as contacts, documents, images etc. can be sent via IrDA from one device to another. Also, recently launched smartphones have IrDA ports that allow them to control several devices such as TVs, media centers and sound systems.


  • Sending information (documents, photos, etc...) from computers to printers
  • Synchronizing agendas and contacts between computers and handelds
  • Sending images from digital cameras to computers
  • Exchanging bussiness cards, contacts, messages and other information between handheld devices.


  • Security through point-to-point connections
  • Low power consumption
  • Very low bit error rate(lower than 10−9)


  • Limited range
  • Uni-directional


  • V1.0 - 115Kbps
  • V1.1 - 1.15Mbps / 4Mbps

Irda Protocols

  • IrPHY
  • IrLAP
  • IrLMP
  • Tiny TP
  • IrCOMM
  • OBEX
  • IrLAN
  • IrSimple
  • IrSimpleShot


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