Bucharest, Romania, Mar 18, 2009

Software Business Partners launches a new Case Studies section on the company website

The Romanian outsourcing IT company Software Business Partners, after years of successful collaboration with clients throughout Europe and Northern America (USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Switzerland etc.), has decided to present their past work in a new site section “Case Studies” – where they have included several case studies about various software utilities developed throughout their professional outsourcing experience. Each case study summarizes the specific details about a developed application, such as .NET platform requirements, advantages and software behavior. The new "Case Studies" describes some of the Romanian company's past projects grouped into 4 representative titles and can be checked at: http://www.sbp-romania.com

The case studies offer accurate information on business and document management, time tracking, user/group/role-based security and authentication and on project management. As such, the information is divided into 4 major areas of interest: Enterprise Tools, Internet Applications, Multimedia, and Office and Mobile. Each area comprises the most representative software projects for that particular domain, and clients can see in an exemplified manner how the .NET technology performs in creating customized software applications, suitable for each complex outsourcing demand.

The projects presented are in fact web and desktop applications centered on .NET framework and related Microsoft platforms, such as: SQL Server, Office, SharePoint, Dynamics etc.. SBP employees' extensive knowledge in .NET software development has earned them a Microsoft Certified Partner certification, which confers them a professional attitude and recognition, and also demonstrates their reliability and dedication for the software outsourcing development field. Their vast experience in a variety of .NET platforms and software outsourcing area have led to the development of a series of useful products such as: document management suites, business portals development and integration, multimedia/video tools, converters and many more.

SBP's engineers have succeeded to deliver major software outsourcing projects based entirely on their knowledge, creativity, patience and passion and also have satisfied and gained the trust of their offshore partners. "We built this section to help future customers in better understanding our area of expertise and the advanced technological front on which we're activating. Technology is our passion and this shows in every single product that we build." says Mihai Cernea, the company's CEO. The new site area comprises extensive information about their work experience in Microsoft development environments, such as the .NET platforms, and also in the software outsourcing domain and represents an appropriate guide to the company's professional activity. The new section is important for Software Business Partners Romania as it is focused on raising awareness on their work, and for outsourcing companies alike, as they can see beforehand some of the custom software that SBP, as an outsourcing destination, has developed so far.

SBP Romania is an outsourcing software company based in Bucharest, Romania that provides programming services based on various .NET software frameworks for offshore and nearshore customers (see more details at http://www.sbp-romania.com/Press/
). SBP Romania has succeeded over the years to increase its quality standards and to diversify the area of software outsourcing expertise, from .NET to Silverlight and other professional software tools, and a series of samples from their past outsourcing activity are now available in the new Case Studies section.

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