Who we are

Team spirit is very important at SBP. We feel that people should be comfortable with each other even if they have different roles. Hierarchy is good for keeping things organized, but it's not a purpose in itself - therefore it should not raise any barriers.

This is why we've built a team that facilitate communications and ideas, and we value each and every thought you have to share with us. To us, it's a great achievement to have people who speak freely and who get involved so deeply in what they do. We don't expect things will happen by nature. We roll up our sleeves and dedicate ourselves to always find a better way - together.

What we do for our customers

We feel very fortunate to work with customers who are open-minded and who can inspire us in our daily work. We value the relationships that we've built so far, and that's why we try to anticipate our customers' needs and help them decide on the best approaches - in order to maximize the value that we produce.

We see every project as an opportunity to build a great relationship because the road will be more interesting if we travel together.


Passion is the one thing that brings out the best in us. We know that our passion for technology is the one thing that can lead us, day by day, towards building something truly great.

There's positive energy in everything that we do - in the office as well as in our spare time (whether it's rock climbing, sky diving or playing a video game).

Our team embraces challenges and rarely takes no for an answer - because we believe that we will always find a creative way around any obstacle.

Continuous learning

Providing a high level of service involves change, and change is not always easy. It's in our responsibility to embrace new ways of working, in order to improve what we do.

We continuously expand our focus, challenging ourselves to go the extra mile, and to evolve with every project that we work on.

Good working atmosphere

Let's face it: it's more fun if you come to work knowing that you can have a few good laughs in the morning. A great idea that you ran into, a good time that you shared with your friends, an obstacle that you managed to surpass or simply a new thing that you learned to do - this is what makes us enjoy every day to the fullest.

Our mission, in short

We believe that the best way of bringing value to our company is to bring value to our people and to our customers.

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