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Our experience in the software development business allows us to provide quality software consulting services. We can analyze and offer new ways to improve your software projects, as well as to develop your applications.




We, at SBP, believe that a consultant must have programming experience before steering partners in the right direction. Our goal is to provide counseling for your project from an objective point of view.

The input provided by consultants can be full-time, meaning that customers are able to outsource their entire software development department to our company. We provide a flexible service, meaning that our business relationship can span over the course of a single project, so the collaboration will end as soon as the software application is signed, sealed, and delivered. A key advantage of this outsourcing partnership is that it reduces the costs of employing an in-house team.







Our team can create code from scratch, build upon a legacy code base or write glue code from third-party libraries, as well as modify existing open-source apps.

SBP can provide guidance throughout the software development life cycle. Before the actual programming begins, our team will conduct a review of the market in order to find out more about existing solutions and build an app with a clear advantage over our customer's competitors.

Established in 2004, SBP brings to the table an experience of over 14 years. Outsourcing your application development needs to our team means that you will also receive top-notch quality assurance.






We provide nearshore and offshore software consulting services, therefore we must make sure that we stay in contact with our partners at all times. Our team is used to providing support and answering questions via remote communication tools.

You can contact us by email and phone, while instant messaging applications are also an option. Maintenance, assistance, and support can be offered through remote desktop tools.







Our professionalism has been awarded the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, which means that we will meet your demands in a timely manner. We have also received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. The former warrants that we deliver great services to our partners, while the latter serves as a testimony that we keep our customers' data secure.





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