PHP features

Feb 25, 2009

The PHP acronym initially stood for Personal Home Page, but latter, as the technology evolved, it was re-packed as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (using the famous recursive initialism). A side by side comparison between PHP and .NET would raise the following points:

  • PHP can not really be compared to .NET - the latter is an application framework, while PHP is a programming language. In this way, PHP can rather be compared to various languages that run under .NET (and allow the creation of ASP.NET applications), such as VB.NET or C#.
  • PHP, just as any .NET language, is an appropriate solution to building a website. The question revolves around the efficiency, size and complexity of the website you want to build.
  • PHP has support, but not accountability. Let's get things straight. “Accountability” stands for one person's (or corporation's) binding liability for the product it offers, whether free or not. The communities around PHP, although numerous, are not bound by any contract, or legal form, to the PHP user.
  • For average websites, PHP can offer object oriented scripts, applied on a “used whenever needed” basis. This perspective is time inefficient on the long run.
  • PHP has various open source tools that can imitate the .NET template mechanism and web development features.
  • PHP has a down-to-earth approach, that is useful and appealing to young programmers, or any person interested in creating a basic website. If  the website is desired to be more dynamic, then PHP will require time, documentation and experimentation (so it's usually an individual learning process), and this turns interested persons into seasonal programmers.

To understand in what way ASP.NET outpaces PHP, check the next article in this series, detailing the ASP.NET specific technical features.

Introduction - PHP and ASP.NET - Making the right choice
1. The new OOP additions in PHP 5
2. What ASP.NET provides on top of that
3. PHP features
4. ASP.NET features

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